Svalbard Archaeology

In 2004 a group of international archaeologists gathered at Longyearbyen, Norway, to document, through mapping and photography, the remains of the Artic Coal Company (ACC) and the related Old Longyear City. The ACC and Old Longyear City were the products of American Industrialist John M. Longyear, who owned this mine from 1905 to 1916. Archives in Longyearbyen and Tromsø, Norway, and Houghton, Michigan, containing historic documents in Norwegian and English languages were an important basis for this survey. 

The research group consisted of students, faculty, and professional staff from the Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Russia, and the United States.

They also examined Advent City, Coles Bay, and Bruce City, former coal mining communities in the area. Information gathered during this survey will appear in report form and serve as a guide for future work at these sites. 

Photograph from MTU Archives and Copper Country Historical Collections

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